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Elite Rehab


Elite rehab is not your typical drug and addiction rehabilitation center. While a variety of rehab centers around the globe classify themselves as luxury, only a handful of treatment facilities are truly elite. Luxury drug and addiction centers offer guests a resort-like experience. A holiday away from home and addiction that allows them to become clean. To be classed as an elite rehab center, however, the facility must do something unique and different than all the rest.


Elite Rehab Definition


An elite rehab center focuses on the treatment of addiction to individuals who suffer from drug and alcohol misuse, process or behavior addictions and co-occurring mental health disorders. The rehab centers provide guests with inpatient care in a 5*resort-like setting. However, one of the main differences between elite rehab and a luxury rehab center is the level of care provided.


Guests tend to be wealthy individuals from the business world, politics, Hollywood, sports, and even royal families. The quality of care can be delivered in a very personal setting with one to one help and support from medical professionals. Not only is the medical care excellent but guests are offered private living quarters, butlers, cleaners, and chefs providing gourmet meals with nutritional restoration.


Treatment plans are customized to each guest directly addressing each person’s needs. There are also other amenities offered by the elite facility. REMEDY Wellbeing is one elite rehab that delivers a unique experience. For example, the center for the super-rich gives you and your family the chance to gain treatment aboard a 125-foot luxury yacht that sails in the Andaman Sea. Now, that is a unique way to recover.


Is Elite Rehab Good?


The best rehab is the one that works for you or your loved one. There is much right with so called Luxury Rehab but there are also lots of negatives about so-called luxury rehabs that should be considered.


What to Expect at Elite Rehab?


Elite rehabs work differently than other facilities, but for the most part, you can expect delicate care from the staff helping you to recover from addiction. The accommodation provided at elite rehab centers range in comfort from individual rooms akin to a five-star hotel to a complete apartment or house. Guests can expect an in-home chef and butler that takes care of all their needs. This enables the client to recover and focus on the journey to sobriety.


While elite rehabs deliver outstanding facilities, they also go above and beyond what other rehabs do for recovery. Much of this has to do with the one on one time that clients receive when visiting.


Rehabs for the super-rich can provide customized care plans to each client due to their limited/low in-take. Treatments can include intense psychotherapy, biochemical restoration, orthomolecular medicine, physical restoration, and biopharmaceutical treatment at an elite rehab.


Elite Recovery from Substance Abuse


Substance abuse can affect anyone no matter their social status. But it is true that certain groups are more vulnerable than others. People in high status positions for example face issues that are relatively unique and makes recovery a markedly different challenge compared to those from ordinary walks of life. For those in elite positions, it may be best to seek treatment in centers that cater to such clientele.


This is because centers that offer treatments designed for higher management, CEOs, and the like are better tuned and deliver greater results for such people. When entering this type of facility, it pays to have a staff that understands your experiences, personal history, and goals. This makes recovery an easier process.


Although luxury treatment provides you all the amenities expected, it is designed to make you as comfortable in your surroundings as possible. This way, the changes to your lifestyle can be minimized so the treatments can better take hold. Otherwise, you will be facing the dual challenges of facing your substance abuse and making major changes to how you live. This is a combination that makes it more difficult to treat your condition.


Why Elite Lifestyles Make You More Vulnerable to Certain Mental Stresses


Just because you live a lifestyle that has vaulted you to elite status, it does not mean you are protected from mental health stressors. In fact, you are now more vulnerable to certain issues compared to those who still work 9 to 5 jobs.


Affluent lifestyles come with responsibilities that are unique. And for many the stresses that accompany such lifestyles are can be quite challenging. It is a factor in why substance abuse is still prevalent despite the status that such people have obtained. This is not to say that affluent or elite people are more vulnerable to addiction. But rather that each level of social status carries with it certain conditions that must be addressed.




With high status comes high visibility. Even if you keep a low profile, it is quite likely that more people know who you are, what you do, and your position in the community. That means your actions will be reflected on those around you. Celebrities in particular have a status that is directly connected to their fans.


The pressure to maintain your position becomes stronger. Which also means that the stigma from substance abuse is also more prevalent. You may perceive your character coming into question when facing a substance abuse issue. It not only affects your personal life, but your status within the community.




Although the saying comes from a famous comic book, the line ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ is true. For executives at the highest level, business owners, celebrities, and others in a similar position, your responsibilities to your family, friends, and the general public become more pronounced.


That is why having a vulnerability such as a substance abuse issue places considerable pressure on you. The concerns of letting down others becomes quite strong. The feelings of guilt and shame become more prevalent. And while treating a physical issue is seen as responsible, a mental health issue such as substance abuse may be seen differently. Even asking for help may be seen as a failing on your part.


The Most Vulnerable


Studies have shown that people who earn an average of $51,000 to $75,000 annually feel the least stressed. This is because they are earning enough to live a comfortable lifestyle and have the fewest stressors placed on them.


Conversely, those who make more than $200,000 per year tend to feel far more stressed. There are reasons why, but they mostly have to do with additional responsibilities of their position. Such people are business owners with employees who rely on them for jobs. Family who needs the money for support. And family and acquaintances whose respect they want to earn thanks to the status they have achieved.


It can be easy to let finances become the dominant force in your life. Which is why those who are affluent feel more pressure and become disconnected from daily activities that leads to greater fulfillment.


Substance Abuse


It’s quite understandable that greater stress leads to a greater chance for substance abuse. And unlike many poor people who undergo the stresses of their financial condition, affluent people have the money and time to indulge in substance abuse. So, it is not surprising that teenagers of affluent families are far more likely to become addicted to drugs and alcohol compared to teenagers from middle class families.


However, it is because of such responsibilities that many substance abusers who are affluent tend to keep working and functioning at a higher level. Despite their abuses, they will themselves onward to maintaining the responsibilities that they have. Which is why getting treatment is often delayed because quite often even close family members may not understand the seriousness of the situation.


This is also why many who finally get treatment have either lost or put in considerable danger their affluence and responsibilities. The truth is that people do not have to hit rock bottom before seeking help. Once you recognize the symptoms of substance abuse, the sooner you seek treatment the greater the chances of recovery. Hitting rock bottom only means you have limited your choices which may not be enough motivation to strive for recovery.


Personalized Treatment at Elite Rehab


Luxury rehabilitation centers offer individualized treatments that have proven to be quite effective for those who want to rid themselves of their substance abuse issues. It is possible to decide the type of therapy that works for you, how much contact with the outside world you need to have, and even how long you spend at the residence for direct treatment.


In some recovery centers, it is possible to work remotely while still receiving treatment. This is because your treatment is individualized to your needs. By working remotely, you can maintain your business and responsibilities while still focusing on effective treatments for your condition.


Elite Rehab Amenities


Rehabs for elite individuals provide guests with facilities and amenities that other rehab centers cannot. Guests can expect high-quality exercise rooms with equipment available to get the body healthy once more. Yoga classes and dieticians are offered to teach clients how to look after themselves on the inside and outside.


A fine dining services is also available with gourmet chefs, butler service, concierge, and more. As mentioned previously, some centers go above and beyond offering yachts and other unique experiences to provide recovery and bring families together. It is the experience along with the treatment that makes you whole once more.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of elite rehab is the privacy afford the ultra-wealthy. A stay at one of the lite centers around the world gives you the chance to relax, recover, and repair your body and mind outside of the spotlight.


What is the cost of Elite Rehab


While Luxury Rehabs start at around $45,000 per month expect a significant increase when looking at the elite tier. There are only  a handful of rehabs in the World that charge over $300,000 per week.


Specializations | Burnout, Alcohol, Trauma, Substance, Anxiety, Depression, Gambling Life Crisis, Smoking Cessation, Process Addiction, Weight Management


Full Online Program | The REMEDY @ Home is a monthly program with an investment between USD $45.000 and $75.000 per month


The Remedy Wellbeing Signature Program | Designed for maximum flexibility online around the needs of its clients, from USD $18.000 per month


Full Residential Concept | REMEDY costs from USD $304,000 per week


Will Insurance Cover Elite Rehab?


No, insurance policies do not cover the cost of elite rehab. They offer non standardized treatment at non-standard cost. Most insurance companies will only cover standard luxury rehabs for 28 days.


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