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What is a Divorce Retreat?


Divorce can be a traumatic experience for men and women. The feelings of rejection, anger, and rage are common in individuals who get divorced. Oftentimes, it is one person in a relationship that instigates a separation with a spouse. While one of the two individuals leaves the relationship feeling fine, the other can be filled with uncontrollable emotions that makes life difficult to live. Divorce can also make building new relationships with people difficult and nearly impossible to trust a new partner.


A divorce retreat provides attendees with tools to cope with separating from their partners. From how to cope with the emotions of splitting up to the experience of co-parenting with an ex, divorce retreats can give a client the help needed to move forward and not backwards.


Why Attend a Divorce Retreat?


A divorce retreat gives individuals from the relationship the chance to learn and cope on their own. The divorce process is stressful especially if children and/or property is involved. A divorce retreat can give a person the relaxation they haven’t felt during the separation.


Trauma created by divorce can prevent a person from thinking about the present or future clearly. Emotions can overwhelm them making for rash decisions to be made. By separating oneself from the situation and speaking with professionals on marriage and mental health, the process of divorce can become clearer.


Not only can a person obtain clarity, but they can gain knowledge on how to keep the family structure in place. Although the cliché that “children are resilient” is often used when families experience a divorce, the fact is, kids are greatly affected when their parents split up. Divorce retreats can help a parent understand what their child feels and learn how to keep a familiar structure alive and well.


Benefits of a Divorce Retreat


Divorce can be brought on in different ways including infidelity, leading busy lives, and growing apart. When divorce is added to the equation of a busy lifestyle, it can make life even more hectic. Individuals may feel like life is a balancing act that never ends.


The ripples of a broken relationship can be felt in all areas of a person’s life. Divorce can affect work, create substance misuse, and financial strain. Divorce retreats were created to help people deal with these problems. A divorce retreat is a safe haven for people to learn and gain tools on how to deal with all of the aspects of separation from emotions to finances.


Who are Divorce Retreats for?


Divorce retreats are not just for women who feel scorned by their husbands. The idea of a divorce retreat immediately brings to mind women who cannot cope with splitting up with their husbands. The truth is, men attend divorce retreats as well.


It is claimed that up to 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce. With so many people experiencing separation and the negative effects felt throughout their lives and those around them, a divorce retreat can do wonders to improve the future.


Divorce creates an aftermath that is difficult to deal with. Separation can take everything away overnight and change the future. A divorce retreat can encourage healing and recovery from the trauma of splitting up11.S. Dreman, Coping with the trauma of divorce – Journal of Traumatic Stress, SpringerLink.; Retrieved September 25, 2022, from https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/BF00976012.


What Does a Divorce Retreat do?


Divorce is associated with emotional pain but it offers a unique opportunity to reassess life goals, reflect on ones recent history and make a robust commitment for a brighter and more fulfilling future. A divorce retreat helps to put things in perspective, to reduce tensions and to focus again on the future and one’s own goals in this world.


A retreat can provide a short stay or longer break allowing guests to relax, exercise, and educate themselves on how to live a more stress-free, healthy lifestyle. The benefits of attending a stress retreat are:


  • Diet — Guests can cleanse their bodies of the food they typically eat and gain knowledge of the foods they should dine on in the future.
  • Fitness — Retreats provide private training classes and group exercise training sessions allowing guests to get the physical fitness needed to improve health.
  • Yoga — Yoga enables guests to cleanse their minds and work their bodies. Yoga moves and poses not only build muscles but can improve digestion and blood flow unlike lifting weights.
  • Meditation — Mindfulness and meditation have become popular activities in recent years to help people deal with everyday stress.
  • Cooking Classes — Guests learn how to create meals that improve both mental and physical wellbeing.
  • Massage — Massage therapy cleanses the muscles of toxins, trigger hormones to combat cortisol, and activate blood flow.


What answers will I find at a divorce retreat?


At the end of a marriage individuals are usually left searching for answers to questions such as:


  • How can I get over the heartbreak?
  • What can I do to let go?
  • How do I stop feeling emotionally overwhelmed?
  • How can I reduce conflict?
  • Will I get over betrayal?
  • Who am I?


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