Dana Point Rehab Campus

Authored by Pin Ng

Edited by Michael Por

Reviewed by Hugh Soames

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Dana Point Rehab Campus, 33842 Orilla Rd, Dana Point, CA 92629, United States

Dana Point Rehab


Dana Point Rehab Campus is a faith-based substance abuse recovery center dedicated to mixing treatment with spirituality. The rehab provides the base for clients to gain a sober life and the tools to continue it. Dana Point Rehab Campus admits there are no shortcuts to living a sober life. If you have the commitment to gain full sobriety, then you can achieve it.


You will receive a holistic experience at Dana Point Rehab. Treatment plans are made unique to each client’s needs. Recovery can be personal and Dana Point Rehab Campus adds a personal touch to each resident’s stay.


The rehab was founded in 2017 and is located at Dana Point, California. You will have the beautiful scenery of ocean, beaches, and lush trees around you in a suburban setting. It is a relaxing location that gives you a great atmosphere for healing.

Typical day at Dana Point Rehab


The first aspect to note about Dana Point Rehab Campus is that it is faith-based. Although it uses a faith-based treatment program, each resident experiences a customized recovery plan that is individualized. The rehab is staffed by accredited professionals with experience treating individuals with addiction and co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety and PTSD.


Dana Point Rehab Campus specializes in alcohol and drug addiction treatment. The rehab’s staff also works with residents with dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorders. The rehab provides a low resident to staff ratio to ensure you get plenty of facetime with your therapists. Your treatment program is made with your goals in mind. By creating a plan with your goals in mind, Dana Point Rehab gives you the chance to see your gains as you go.


The luxury rehab campus provides nondenominational, Christ-centered treatment. If you are religious, you may consider attending Dana Point Rehab Campus. It’s a different vibe than your typical Wall Street Rehab. After arriving at Dana Point Rehab, you will undergo detox before starting your personalized treatment program. Evidence-based therapies are then used to treat your substance abuse issues and underlying problems that created addiction. Dana Point Rehab also provides aftercare.


Dana Point Rehab Campus Amenities


You will experience a resort-style stay at Dana Point Rehab. The state-of-the-art facility provides residents with everything needed during a stay. The rehab only welcomes a maximum of 15 residents at one time. The low in-take number keeps the ratio of resident to staff low. You will live in a private suite during your stay with plush furnishings. A full-size bed will give you a full night’s sleep after days filled with activities, therapy, and recovery.


Healthy meals are prepared by Dana Point Rehab staff. Meals are prepared with your dietary needs in mind. You will have access to a fitness center to improve your mind and body. There is a spa and beach access to add to the relaxation experience.

Dana Point RehabPrice


Most residents stay on-site for 30 to 60 days. Dana Point Accommodation accepts insurance to cover your cost of rehab fully or partially. The cost of a 30-day stay at Dana Point Rehab Campus is approximately $62,000.