Christopher Ferry; Boca Recovery Florida

Christopher Ferry’s story is similar to a lot of youth athletes in the United States. He was a rising star in youth ice hockey and even received a tryout with the United States National Team Development Program. Yet, as Ferry’s star was rising, he got involved in drugs. His addiction ended a budding ice hockey career that could have led to the college or even professional ranks.


“When I started using drugs, my life spiraled and completely got out of control,” Ferry said in a previous interview. “Throughout my journey of recovery, I saw many people suffering from addiction and realized that I wanted to do something to help them.”


Christopher Ferry experienced several rehab stays, but always turned back to drugs. His drug abuse got so bad that Ferry was even asked to leave a job with a Florida-based insurance company. Once completely sober, Ferry knew he could help others using his past experiences, and he turned a negative into a positive. After years of substance abuse, he got the help he needed and later, began helping others struggling with drugs and alcohol.


In 2016, after seven years of being sober, Ferry established Boca Recovery Center. Since its foundation, Boca Recovery Center has become one of the United States’ most notable drug and alcohol treatment centers. Ferry is a Certified National Master Interventionist (CNMI) having gained the qualification from the National Association of Drug & Alcohol Interventionists (NADAI). In addition, the former youth hockey star has spent time studying marketing and business development.


To help individuals suffering from addiction, Ferry also launched the Clean and Sober – Addiction Recovery Support program. It is one of the largest social media groups covering addiction. Ferry has also worked with major influencers such as Riff Raff, Stiches, Supreme Patty, and Tyrone to help them get clean and sober after years of substance abuse. In the case of rapper Riff Raff, Ferry helped the star end his four-year addiction to cocaine and MDMA. Thanks to Ferry’s help, a man Riff Raff specifically sought out, the rapper has used his influence to spread the word of sobriety.


Christopher Ferry isn’t just able to connect to people with addiction, he is capable of getting inside their minds and bodies. He uses social media and YouTube to help spread the message of hope and recovery. By using social media and YouTube, Ferry has been able to connect with people unlike other rehab centers. He is the first “influencer” in the rehab sector.


Boca Recovery Center, Ferry’s pride and joy, opened in 2016. Since then, it has worked with thousands of clients and their families to end substance abuse and addiction. Boca Recovery Center is a substance use disorder program provider. It offers medical and clinical treatment for drug and alcohol addiction along with co-occurring mental health issues. The rehab center provides clients with the tools necessary to live a life free of drugs and alcohol.


The Boca Recovery Center team is led by Christopher Ferry, and each client begins their recovery journey with a strengths-based assessment process. This allows the rehab staff to provide an accurate treatment plan. Along with the client, Boca Recovery Center staff creates an action plan to address the individual’s needs. The action plan will enable them to build a solid recovery foundation.