Drug Alcohol Rehab

teenage rehab

Teenage Rehab

The best teenage rehab centers are facilities that use multiple approaches to treat drug and alcohol addiction. A comprehensive and holistic approach to substance misuse is oftentimes the most effective way to treat addiction. Teenagers are unique and so are the addiction treatment needs. A...

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couples rehab

Understanding Couples Rehab

In many ways, couples rehab is similar to any other recovery journey. Rehab and recovery is different for everyone, and a facility should create an individualized program that covers their needs of their clients. Couples rehab is, therefore, no different. Each partner will have an...

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emotional rehab

Understanding Emotional Rehab

Many conditions that are treated at emotional rehab are also treated at specialist addiction centers and many people attending emotional rehabilitation do tend to have some other issues. For example, many people suffering with undiagnosed depression or anxiety may have been using drugs and alcohol...

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rehab for burnout

Rehab for Burnout

In today’s fast-paced world, burnout has become quite common, even among those who love their work. So if you've been struggling with burnout, you need to know that you’re not alone. Beyond that, always remember that the symptoms of burnout aren’t permanent, or at least...

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what to expect at rehab

What To Expect From Rehab

If you are entering a 30, 60, or 90-day program, the first step is the checking in process. This will usually consist of a staff member taking down your information. The information gathered will help in guiding the treatment you receive. ...

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lgbtq rehab


There are a growing number of LGBTQ rehab centers that can deal with the issues LGBTQ community members face. Rehab can address the substance abuse problems individuals face along with recognizing and treating co-occurring mental health issues....

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local rehab

Pros & Cons of Local Rehab

One of the most popular reasons for choosing a local rehab center is the cost. Staying at a local rehab for residential or outpatient care can be far more cost-effective than going to a rehab out of state or abroad. Distance can be a massive...

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stages of rehab

Five Stages of Rehab

The National Institute on Drug Abuse developed the four stages of rehab. The stages were created for the organization’s "An Individual Drug Counseling Approach to Treat Cocaine Addiction" material to help healthcare providers deliver high-quality counselling. The four stages of rehab include: treatment initiation, early...

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hollywood rehab

Hollywood Rehab

Hollywood Rehab Film insurance protects the financing and investment of a project against the risks that could stop the production. Certain A-List actors are critical to the completion of a film and its future earning potential. If one of the essential elements is unable to...

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