Capo by the Sea

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Capo by the Sea, Address: 26682 Avenida Las Palmas, Dana Point, CA 92629, United States

Capo by the Sea


Capo by the Sea is a luxury rehab located in San Juan Capistrano, California. The private rehab is situated in a beach community. You can access high-quality rehab care for addiction and co-occurring disorders. The residential treatment program is ideal for clients seeking long-term sobriety and an end to their addiction issues.


Residents typically stay at Capo by the Sea for a 28-day period. During this time, residents experience a range of treatments in Capo by the Sea’s luxury private center. Capo by the Sea uses evidence-based, holistic treatment to heal your mind, body, and spirit. The comprehensive treatment uses a non-12-step approach to recovery.


Capo by the Sea is perfect for professionals and executives. The security and seclusion offered allows you to relax and focus on what is important, which is long-term recovery from addiction and co-occurring disorders.


Typical day at Capo by the Sea


Treatment provided by Capo by the Sea is flexible and it works around your needs. The rehab is more like a resort with its flexible treatment options and gorgeous surroundings than it is like a treatment center. You can spend your days golfing while not attending therapy sessions. The flexibility offered by Capo by the Sea is different than rehabs that provide a highly structured program.


Capo by the Sea’s staff treats you like an adult. The staff is well-versed with working with high achieving professionals and executives. This can often be difficult for many rehabs. However, Capo by the Sea’s experience with working with these types of people makes it ideal for professionals and executives.


Residential treatment begins with intake and assessment. You will meet with the rehab’s staff and a customized care package will be created. Detox follows allowing your body to get rid of the toxins it has stored in it.


Once detox ends, you are allowed to begin treatment as evidence-based therapies such as CBT and DBT are used throughout the program. You will participate in activities to continue healing and stimulation. If needed, medical management is offered. Unlike nearby Dana Point Rehab Campus, Capo by the sea is non-faith based.


Capo by the Sea Amenities


Capo by the Sea was founded in 2013. It can accommodate up to 15 residents at a time. You can select from private and semi-private rooms. Each room is luxuriously furnished to meet the needs of professionals and executives.


Accommodation is provided in different luxury houses. Some are more spacious than others. Yet, all provide residents with an outstanding experience. You may even book accommodation with access to the beach. All houses are completely modern and built in a California/southwest-style. Having a one of these houses to spend your downtime in gives you the chance to relax in between therapy sessions.


Capo by the Sea provides professionals and executives an incredible rehab experience. The ability to live in a private or semi-private accommodation and have a flexible schedule makes this a five-star luxury rehab that is entirely unique.


Capo by the Sea Price


Along with an executive program, there is also a program for couples seeking treatment. Typically, treatment lasts for 30 days with a starting price of $24,500. There are shorter programs that last two weeks. You can also stay longer if needed.

Capo by the Sea
Capo by the Sea was founded in 2013.
Capo by the Sea was founded in 2013. It can accommodate up to 15 residents at a time. You can select from private and semi-private rooms.

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