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Discover Recovery Unplugged Rehab


Recovery Unplugged is a unique substance abuse rehab facility. The luxury rehab lets music help with healing, as clients are empowered to build a stronger self. You will find world-class doctors, nurses, and support staff at Recovery Unplugged, and each person at the facility is dedicated to helping you end a cycle of abuse.


The key difference between Recovery Unplugged and other luxury rehab facilities is its methods. Recovery Unplugged uses music to help individuals free themselves of addictions. According to Recovery Unplugged, no matter what substance abuse issues you face, they can improve them.


The rehab has worked with more than 8,600 clients. Each client had their own unique problems, and the therapists at Recovery Unplugged were able to help those individuals. Recovery Unplugged has eight locations across the United States.


Recovery Unplugged has branches in:


  • Austin, Texas
  • Ft Lauderdale, Florida
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Lake Worth, Florida
  • Annandale, Virgínia
  • Programa en línia


No matter which Unplugged location you choose, you will find a unique experience and a staff dedicated to its clients. Recovery Unplugged is ready to rock if you are ready for help.


What is Recovery Unplugged Like


There are eight different Unplugged locations across the US. You will find the same amazing support and similar recovery programs no matter which location you attend. The rehab specializes in residential treatment, which gives you the chance to spend time leaving in a healing environment. Research states residential rehab enables client recovery far better than partial stay programs. The ability to immerse yourself into the program helps the overall healing aspect.


The substance issues Unplugged treats are varied. Residents suffering from alcohol abuse, crack addiction, heroin, cocaine, opioids, prescription pills, benzos, stimulants, and meth can receive treatment at the rehab. Coincidentally, the addiction problems the organization treats are also issues that many musicians struggle with.


While the music aspect of Unplugged will appeal to musicians and fans of music, the rehab is for anyone seeking help11.R. Unplugged, Home, Recovery Unplugged.; Retrieved October 9, 2022, from You will undergo a recovery program that addresses every level of care. The program begins with detox, and you will undergo withdrawal with the rehab’s medical detox program. You will then join the residential treatment program in a distraction-free environment.


Music Oriented Rehab Treatment


Music is used by the rehab for a variety of health issues. Depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and mood elevation are all targeted by music therapy. Music treatment aims to help individuals embrace the entire treatment process. Unplugged is the only rehab to integrate music into the substance abuse treatment process.


You will engage in listening to personalized recovery playlists, songwriting and poetry, music-focused group therapy, frequent performances from artists, fully equipped music rooms to write your own music, open-mic sessions, and performances from former rehab residents. Therapies used by Unplugged include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectal behavior therapy, and TMS Therapy. The rehab aims to get to the heart of each client’s substance abuse, and the three therapy options can address those problems.


The detox program will last up to seven days, and, once you graduate from it, you will join the residential program, which can last up to 24 days. Only three Unplugged rehabs offer residential care. You will find those in Austin, Nashville, and Lake Worth. You will find other treatment options at Recover Unplugged including intensive outpatient, outpatient, and partial hospitalization.

Recovery Unplugged Locations


There are eight Recovery Unplugged locations across the US. Only three of the locations have residential stay facilities. These locations offer long-term residential programs, giving you the best chance of full recovery from substance abuse. The rehab’s locations in Lake Worth, Austin, and Nashville offer clients the chance to stay on-site.


All three locations provide clients with top-class facilities. Each rehab is secluded and allows you to get away from the environments that fueled addiction. Getting a break from the environment that created your substance abuse can be the ideal way to get clean.


The Nashville location is secluded in the suburbs of the city. Nashville is the home of country music, but you won’t need to be a fan of the genre to attend Unplugged’s location. The home the rehab is located in is ideal for relaxing and healing.


Austin is one of America’s emerging cities. The Austin location is in one of the city’s suburbs with leafy streets and quaint homes. The large house has ample outdoor space to spend free time. Lake Worth’s rehab is also in the suburbs of the city. Palm trees line the streets in Lake Worth, and the Zen Garden outside the residence is a popular place to restore the mind and body.


Recovery Unplugged Amenities


The residential accommodation at Unplugged provides a luxury stay to residents. You will find many of the same amenities at Unplugged’s three residential locations. However, there are some subtle differences between the three properties.


Lake Worth


The beautiful residence in Lake Worth has a wonderful Zen Garden, allowing residents to reflect on their journey under gorgeous palm trees. An outdoor games room is available for downtime with table tennis and a foosball table. You will have access to freshly prepared meals.




The Austin location is safe and offers clients a discreet location for treatment. Gym and recreational facilities are available along with an outdoor volleyball court. You will also receive freshly made meals on-site.




In Nashville, you will have meals made by an in-house chef. Diet is important during the recovery process and nourishing your body helps the mind get better. Table tennis, basketball, and a fitness room are available. You will also have access to a games room to enjoy during downtime.


All three locations provide residents with music spaces to create music. The music spaces are important to the recovery process, as you use music to aid healing.


Length of Stay


Residents can stay at Recovery Unplugged for as few as seven days. Many clients remain on-site for up to 24 days. However, you need to add detox into the process, which may take up to seven days before the treatment program begins. You don’t have to choose the rehab’s residential option. It is the most beneficial, but it isn’t the only treatment provided. You can select the partial hospitalization program for up to 15 days or intensive outpatient treatment, which lasts up to 30.

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Worlds Best Rehab Summary of Recovery Unplugged


Recovery Unplugged is a unique, music-based rehabilitation for those suffering from addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. They offer medical detox, inpatient treatment and outpatient services for those suffering from addiction. They specialize specifically in LGBTQ+ recovery as well as medicated-assisted treatments with the use of medications such at Suboxone or Buprenorphine which can help relieve withdrawal symptoms while maintaining sobriety; as you would expect they are also one of the leading treatment centers in the use of music assisted therapy.


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Recovery Unplugged is a place where people with addiction problems can go to get help. They have private rooms and shared bathrooms. They offer their clients music spaces, swimming pools, chef-prepared meals, zen gardens, a bookstore, and VIP Suites.  Recovery Unplugged accepts insurances, and are accredited by the Joint Commission.

Recuperació desconnectada

  • Tractament contra l'alcoholisme
  • Maneig del Enuig
  • trauma
  • Codependència
  • Comportament de co-addictes
  • Crisi de la vida
  • Addicció a la cocaïna
  • GBH / GHB
  • Addició a les drogues
  • Joc
  • Despesa
  • heroïna
  • Addicció a OxyContin
  • Addicció al tramadol
  • Addicció a l'aplicació de cites
  • jocs
  • Chemsex
  • Ansietat
  • Trastorn d'estrès posttraumàtic
  • Burnout
  • Addicció al fentanil
  • Abús de Xanax
  • Hidrocodona Recuperació
  • Addicció a les benzodiazepines
  • Oxicodona
  • oximorfona
  • Trastorn de l'alimentació
  • Personalitat antisocial
  • Abús de Substàncies


  • Psicoeducació
  • Meditació i atenció
  • Teràpia d’aventures
  • Assessorament personalitzat
  • Teràpia cognitiva del comportament
  • Nutrició
  • Teràpia orientada a objectius
  • fisioteràpia
  • Teràpia enfocada a la solució
  • Teràpia del comportament dialèctic
  • Assessorament en prevenció de recaigudes
  • Unqiue 8 Step Facilitation
  • Teràpia recreativa
  • Teràpia de grup
  • Cures espirituals
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recovery unplugged rehab

Recuperació desconnectada

Recovery Unplugged Nashville is a place where people with alcohol and drug addiction, as well as mental health disorders, can go to get help. Their main method of therapy is music-assisted treatment, which combines traditional addiction treatments like detox and counseling with musical therapy techniques.

adreça: 255 Wilson Pike Cir Brentwood, TN 37027
Contacte: lloc web


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