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Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery (Addiction Rehab Review)

Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery Review


Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery resembles a quaint outdoor vacation destination rather than a luxury substance abuse treatment facility. However, looks can be deceiving. It is this charming look and feel that makes Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery different than its rehab contemporaries. The resort-style substance abuse rehab isn’t just about aesthetics. It provides high-quality treatment to individuals suffering from substance abuse disorder and co-occurring disorders. Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery simply offers treatment in a way many people do not expect from a luxury rehab.


The private substance abuse recovery center is located in Scotrun, Pennsylvania. Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery is set amongst the gorgeous Pocono Mountains, providing a great natural setting for individuals seeking recovery from substance abuse. Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery opened in 2019 and offers a unique facility to residents. The entire rehab center overlooks a lake, further building a one-of-a-kind environment few individuals experience when going through treatment.


Clients undergo intensive inpatient treatment, detoxification, and mental wellness programs to improve their quality of life. Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery’s treatment plans are centered around substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. The rehab offers a one to six staff to resident ratio, giving clients the chance to spend plenty of time with their counselor.


Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery’s staff implements a variety of evidence-based therapies into each client’s treatment program. Residents will undergo cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing (MI), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), 12-step integration, and grief groups. There are also gender-specific groups provided by the rehab. There is much more to love about Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery inside and outside. The rehab is fully accredited by the Joint Commission.


Typical day at Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery


One of the first aspects residents notice about Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery is that the entire campus looks like a holiday camp. The environment created by the treatment facility breeds relaxation, healing, and well-being. These three aspects are very important to Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery and that is why the rehab offers a holistic approach to substance abuse treatment.


The Brookdale Premier Recovery program features mindfulness and meditation, yoga, family education, health and wellness sessions, relapse prevention, and co-occurring disorder interventions. This holistic approach means each client’s mind, body, and spirit has the chance to heal.


Brookdale Premier Addiction founders understand that the rehab is one of the most unique in the world. It is the uniqueness that has been created that attracts clients from around the globe. Brookdale Premier Addiction’s very location and setting makes it different than all other rehabs. However, it isn’t just the setting alone that sets the rehab apart. There is substance to the intensive program.


There is an emphasis on providing a comprehensive and humanistic approach to clients. Treatment programs are tailored to meet the needs of each client. Staff build a treatment program around a client’s needs using an array of therapeutic techniques. Residents will undergo evidence-based treatments such as CBT, MI, and DBT. A 12-step integration program is also a part of Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery’s offerings.


A client’s journey at Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery begins with detox. After completing detox, clients move to the residential program. Residents will work closely with the rehab’s staff to discover the root of their addiction issues. From there, residents will work to build coping strategies.


Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery Amenities


Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery opened in 2019 as a newly built resort-style rehab. The rehab was constructed to meet the needs of clients. Residents stay in cozy cabins that overlook an onsite lake. Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery is nestled in a gorgeous part of Pennsylvania in the Pocono Mountains. It provides a rustic setting for recovery. However, there is nothing rustic about the fantastic amenities clients experience.


Residents will use the main cabin onsite for individual therapy sessions, detox, dining, and group therapy and events. An indoor and outdoor swimming pool is onsite. There is also a sauna for clients to access. Sports and recreation are popular parts of the Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery model. Residents will find a yoga studio, tennis courts, basketball courts, and more available to use. Hiking trails snake off into the Pocono countryside for excursions.


The rehab offers three different cabin styles. Each is unique and provide a great place for residents to spend their quiet time. Clients can choose from private or shared cabins. Each cabin comes with an ensuite bathroom.


Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery’s campus size allows it to accommodate a large number of residents at one time. The rehab is able to welcome up to 50 residents. The summer camp-style resort’s atmosphere makes it feel very different to other large-sized rehabs.


Brookdale Addiction Recovery Privacy


Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery’s primary goal is to provide each client with compassionate, quality care in a safe and comfortable environment. The rehab accomplishes these tasks by providing clients with a relaxing, private, and secure rehab experience. Brookdale Recovery adheres to HIPAA laws to protect each clients PHI as it sees fit.


One of the world’s best rehabs?


Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery’s location makes it one of the most incredible rehabs in the world today. Located in the Pocono Mountains, residents are immersed in the local nature from the start. Clients spend their rehab stay in cabins. The entire stay is similar to spending a summer at camp.


Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery Therapy


Residents will undergo evidence-based treatments such as CBT, MI, and DBT. A 12-step integration program is also a part of Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery’s offerings. The rehab also uses health, wellness, and mindfulness activities to improve the entire person.


Brookdale Addiction Recovery Location


Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery is uniquely set in the Pocono Mountains in southern Pennsylvania. Residents will spend their recovery in a completely rural setting with mountains, forests, and lakes surrounding them.


Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery Price


A 28-day stay at Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery begins at $28,000. A full-stay at the rehab provides residents with a wealth of activities along with their treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery accepts major insurance providers and potential clients can have their insurance verified here.

Accommodation is private or shared, and clients can choose from three different cabin styles. All cabins have ensuite bathrooms and modern amenities. The campus is extraordinary with an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, fully equipped gym, basketball courts, tennis courts, sauna, and much more.
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