Boca Recovery Delray Beach

Boca Recovery Delray Beach

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Boca Recovery Delray Beach


Nestled in the beautiful Florida beach community of Delray Beach is one of the premier rehab centers in the United States. Boca Recovery Center Delray Beach offers treatment programs to individuals seeking an escape from drugs and alcohol. The Boca Recovery Center Delray Beach location is one of four opened and operated by the Boca Recovery Center group.


Founded in 2016 by Christopher Ferry, the Boca Recovery Center has quickly grown into the premier rehab facility on the United States’ east coast. There are now four Boca Recovery Center locations on the east coast with three in Florida and one in New Jersey.


Ferry, a former addict himself, founded the rehab to help others fight back against drug and alcohol abuse. The rehab has assembled a world-class team of experts to give clients the help and tools they need for long-term recovery.


Boca Recovery Center Delray Beach understands that there is no 100% cure to drug and alcohol addiction. However, through hard work in rehab and education, individuals can leave the facility able to live a better future.


What can clients expect at Boca Rehab in Delray?


Boca Recovery Center’s Delray Beach facility is situated in the heart of the beach community. Clients living in the rehab’s residential housing can find sober community meeting in the area, giving them further strength during the recovery process.


The residential portion of Boca Recovery Center Delray Beach is beautifully maintained. The facilities give clients the chance to relax and reflect following therapy. The residence provides clients with the chance to develop the life skills needed to return to normal life free of drugs and alcohol.


The Delray Beach location is focused on getting individuals back on their feet. Gaining new life skills is an essential part of the rehab process. Enabling clients to life sober long-term is the key to rehab and helping individuals learn to live without substances is a pillar to success.

What makes Boca Recovery Delray Beach unique?


The rehab program provided by Boca Recovery Delray Beach is unique and different to the other rehabs under the organization’s umbrella. Clients not only have their own private residence, but are allowed a cellphone. They are also given more freedoms than individuals in typical rehab. Clients can attend sober meetings and are free to choose the group they join.


An interesting part of the program is that clients can spend their free time in the community. Individuals are not under the same rules that residential rehab guests are. However, there are rules client must adhere to.


Each client has their own private bedroom equipped with a smart TV and comfortable furnishings. The residence should be viewed by clients as a window into the future. It is the chance to live alone with support around them. This is the independent living individuals will experience once they leave rehab for good.


Guests at the residential facility will have access to a gym, game room, and BBQ area. Entertainment is provided on the weekend allowing clients to focus their minds and stay away from drugs and alcohol. Everything is done with the guest living sober in mind.


The residence is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Clients are provided transportation to the Boca Recovery Center’s clinical offices. Transportation means clients will be able to attend their meetings and appointments at the clinical center.


Why would someone choose Boca Recovery Delray Beach?


Boca Recovery Center Delray Beach provides treatment for Alcoholism, dual diagnosis, mental health issues, drug abuse, and opioid addiction. Its staff is first-class and capable of helping individuals find help they so desperately need.  While the focus of the Delray Beach rehab is on the independent living it provides guests, the center offers so much more. Clients can receive medical assisted detox, attend the intensive outpatient or inpatient program, or partaking in the sober living program. Boca Recovery Center Delray Beach also provides clients with aftercare support to continue sobriety.


Guests will find a variety of psychotherapy options including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectal behavioral therapy (DBT). The Florida rehab offers additional therapies including couples therapy, creative arts therapy, family therapy, eating disorder therapy, and much more.


Boca Recovery Center believes that addiction is a family disease. Its highly trained staff works closely with clients and their families to support and guide the healing process. There is no one-size-fits all method to end the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction. Thanks to the rehab’s individualized treatment programs, clients have hope for a bright, new future living sober.


Pros & Cons of Boca Delray


Boca Recovery has a good reputation for recovery and the founder is on a mission to help individuals and families struggling with addiction. Boca Delray Beach is located in a very popular area of Florida and people are attracted to Boca Recovery for the recovery atmosphere. However, do remember that Boca Delray does not promote itself as a super deluxe luxury rehab although it was never meant to be that way anyhow because the vision for Boca Delary and indeed all of the Boca treatment centers is to provide honest, reliable and long term treatment to those in need.


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