Alternatives to Private Rehab

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Alternatives to Private Rehab


Individuals are struggling around the globe from a variety of issues related to the pandemic with mental health being a major concern for healthcare providers.


Substance misuse has also been a major issue for people over the last 18 months. Seeking a way to relieve stress and anxiety, many people have turned to drugs and alcohol.


For some people, their substance use has only increased. The financial strain has made it difficult for people to go to private rehab to gain help and end their substance use issues. The good news for these individuals is that there is still help available and many alternatives to private rehab & luxury rehab.


There are alternatives to private rehab and it is possible for individuals to gain the help they need without spending the money to attend a private substance abuse rehab center.


Options for Luxury Rehab Alternatives


Private rehabs can save the lives of individuals suffering from substance use disorder. The ability to work with therapists one-to-one and focus on getting healthy 24/7 provides a faster way to end substance abuse.


However, you may not have the option to attend private rehab. The alternatives to private rehab are excellent choices for anyone suffering from substance abuse and mental health issues. You do not have to put off attending private rehab due to financial reasons anymore. You can access help from these alternatives to private rehab options right away.


Self-help groups as Alternatives to Private Rehab


There are a number of self-help groups available to individuals suffering from substance abuse and/or mental health issues. One of the most popular is Alcoholics Anonymous. It is one of the world’s most famous substance abuse help groups and meetings can be found in cities big and small around the globe.


Alcoholics Anonymous isn’t the only self-help group dedicated to helping people kick their vices. People addicted to gambling can find help with Gamblers Anonymous, while individuals with eating and weight problems can access Overeaters Anonymous. Narcotics Anonymous is available to help people struggling with drug use.


There are more self-help groups available to access. You may find local support groups in your area. Some are provided by church or religious groups, while others are overseen by charities.

Self-help groups give you the chance to connect with others and to have a support network to get sober or end vices such as gambling. However, self-help groups are not able to help you with certain issues. For example, self-help groups cannot oversee detox or prescribe medications for withdrawal.


GP as Rehab Source


In the United Kingdom, your GP is able to offer medical advice to help you get sober. A GP can offer both a referral to another NHS resources that focus on drug and alcohol rehab and/or prescribe short-term medication to detox at home.


Your GP may also be able to offer you contacts for therapy and counseling. Not all GPs have the same resources or approaches to treatment. Their attitudes may differ as well, which means your experience could be different than another person’s.


If you are prescribed medication to detox at home, you will need the support of a partner or friend to successfully complete the detox process. Your first 48 hours of alcohol detox and withdrawal will likely be unpleasant. You are likely to experience anxiety, sweating, nausea, and alcohol cravings. There are some more serious issues that can also occur such as hallucinations.


Charity alternatives to private rehab


Government cutbacks to the NHS has made it impossible for some people to get the mental health treatment they desperately deserve. Due to the lack of mental health treatment options available, more charity rehab options have been made available.


Charity hostels or halfway houses may be offered to individuals seeking help. Some charities give you the chance to stay in temporary housing along with a support worker to help you get clean and sober. However, unlike traditional rehab, you won’t be provided with therapy or medical care if needed.


The great thing about these charities programs is that they are structured. In many cases, individuals need the structure to help them stay clean and sober for good.


SMART Recovery


SMART Recovery is a program that you can access without going to private rehab. SMART stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training and it is a group-based addiction recovery model. The program is led by volunteers who help individuals use the latest scientifically-based treatments to overcome addiction11.B. Mulls, Systematic review of SMART Recovery: Outcomes, process variables, and implications for research – PubMed, PubMed.; Retrieved September 25, 2022, from


SMART Recovery works with people coping with all types of addiction, such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, overeating, sex addiction, or compulsive spending.


The SMART Recovery program began around 1992 as an alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous. Its creation came thanks to individuals seeking an alternative to the spiritual-based help of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The program has four phases of recovery. These four stages of treatment are:


  • Building and Maintaining Motivation: Building the resolve to remain sober
  • Coping with Urges: Exploring triggers and discovering the best ways to decrease them
  • Managing Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors: Finding ways to avoid relapse, exploring self-acceptance, and maintaining challenging emotions
  • Living a Balanced Life: Setting realistic goals for living a sober life and making alterations to promote an effective path to recovery


Each of these phases can be achieved by following the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy, which focuses on changing a person’s behaviors related to drug and/or alcohol addiction.

Rational Recovery alternative to private rehab


Rational Recovery once at one time a part of SMART Recovery. However, the two programs split due to the issue of recovery meetings. Rational Recovery focuses on the idea that fellowship meetings are actually a bad aspect of recovery. While SMART Recovery and Alcoholics Anonymous promote meetings, Rational Recovery does not.


The program avoids meetings, because it is believed the meetings reinforce the addict’s identity. The Rational Recovery program has worked for a lot of people suffering from substance abuse. However, some critics believe the program’s aim to denounce SMART Recovery’s use of meetings takes up too much of Rational Recovery’s focus.


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