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Abbeycare Rehab

Abbeycare Rehab Foundation

Abbeycare Foundation is a leader in the rehab sector having helped thousands of patients achieve recovery from addiction. The organization is one of the United Kingdom’s most reputable. Abbeycare Rehab offers two clinics in the UK. Clients can experience a world-class rehab program at the Hygrove House facility in Gloucester or at Scotland’s Erskine Maines House.

Hygrove House is set amongst beautiful natural surroundings in Gloucestershire. The location gives clients the opportunity to renew their minds and bodies in a peaceful area of the UK. Not only will clients experience the peace and scenery of the local area, but a top-notch program to help them fight addiction. Clients have the opportunity to gain life-long change.

Abbeycare Rehab’s Erskine Maines House is located in the Scottish village of Erskine. It is around nine miles outside of Glasgow city center, allowing you to fly into the famous Scottish city before attending Abbeycare Rehab. The modern residential rehab is located on a large estate of 1.22 acres. Not only do guests have access to the rehab’s facilities and recovery program, but its location to Glasgow means many of the amenities clients enjoy can be obtained easily.

Abbeycare Rehab modality

The foundation does not put a time limit on a client’s recover. A stay at Abbeycare Rehab is not complete until the client has recovered from their addiction. Guests begin their stay at the facility with 24-hour medically supervised detox. After completing detox, clients move onto the customized rehab programs featuring therapies such as CBT, Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) and DBT. There are also daily 12-step meetings available.

Abbeycare Rehab Privacy

Abbeycare Foundation understands the difficulties individuals have when deciding to attend rehab. Many clients are put off of going to rehab due to people learning about their stay in rehab. Abbeycare Foundation takes pride in keeping each client safe. The organization ensures that a client’s privacy is well-kept, making recovery possible.

Abbeycare Rehab setting

Abbeycare Foundation has two incredible locations. The Gloucestershire location, Hygrove House, is set amongst the gorgeous natural setting of the area. Clients can enjoy the local surroundings which offer peace and quiet to help clients relax during recovery. Abbeycare Foundation’s Erskine Mains Road facility is found outside of Glasgow, Scotland. It is also set amongst a quiet natural setting. The facility is located just nine miles outside of Glasgow city center allowing guests to visit the Scottish city.

What is a day like at the Abbeycare Rehab?

Although Abbeycare Foundation offers two gorgeous locations to guests, the programs provided are the same for clients. Both locations have a medical detox to clients which is monitored 24-hours a day. This ensures a client completes detox comfortably and safely before moving on to the full Abbeycare Rehab program. Abbeycare Foundation is dedicated to helping clients achieve long-term recovery. Its approach understands the areas that led to a client’s addiction in the first place. This allows them to create a future without substance misuse.

Each day after breakfast, the daily schedule may begin with meditation allowing clients to discover personal insights during therapy sessions. Mediation allows clients to create mental structure to recovery their lives from drug addiction. Days at Abbeycare Rehab provides clients with a structured day to keep them focused on the task of recovery. Clients will experience peer group meetings, holistic therapies, and/or socializing with patients.

Abbeycare Rehab possesses a multi-disciplinary team to support patients during the recovery process. This allows clients to focus on their needs and long-lasting sobriety. Both facilities have evidence-based therapeutic programs, built for personalized recovery plans and aftercare. According to the rehab, an estimated 85% of care staff know about addiction recovery personally. They have experienced a life of addiction and personally gone through it. This gives them insight into how to appropriately help clients.

Abbeycare Rehab accommodation

Abbeycare Rehab’s Hygrove House has accommodation for up to 31 clients. There are 26 ensuite rooms and five large executive suites. The executive suites provide guests with larger beds, luxury bathrooms and panoramic views of the local countryside. Hygrove House also offers lifestyle services which can be matched to each client’s life needs and expectations. The Hygrove facility is Abbeycare Rehab’s premier facility

The foundation’s Erskine Mains Road rehab also provides comfortable accommodation. Guests will feel at home at Abbeycare Rehab Scotland and can enjoy the surrounding countryside for peace and quiet. The large Scottish home has accommodation set over two floors. It has 34 large individual rooms with ensuire facilities. Abbeycare Foundation’s Erskine Mains Road has been open since 2005. It has since helped nearly 1,000 individuals recover from addition.

A client’s stay at the rehab may last longer than the 28 days of standard treatment. Each client’s stay depends on the type of drug or alcohol detox needed, usage, history, and amount used. Other factors taken into consideration include specific drugs that have been misused. The rehab considers various factors to create the optimum rehab plan that meets each client’s needs and usage.

Although clients will experience the same great customized rehab program, each of Abbeycare Rehab’s facilities are unique. Abbeycare Foundation has two incredible locations. The Gloucestershire location, Hygrove House, has 31 bedrooms with 26 standard rooms and five executive rooms. Erskine Mains Road, located just outside of Glasgow, Scotland, has 34 luxurious rooms for clients to enjoy during their stay.

One of the world’s best rehabs

Abbeycare Foundation’s two locations offer clients the opportunity to choose from two great rehab facilities. The rehabs’ therapeutic approaches include CBT, Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) and DBT. The evidence-based programs enable the best possible outcomes for each client.

Abbeycare Rehab Cost

The price for a stay at Abbeycare Rehab differs based on a few factors. A standard stay at Abbeycare Foundation is 28 days, but the length of stay depends on each client’s needs. A stay at the rehab may last longer than the 28 days of the standard treatment. A client’s stay depends on the type of drug or alcohol detox needed, usage, history, and amount used. The final price of attending Abbeycare Rehab depends on these factors.


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